Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pasta Dictionary And More

 So the past couple of days I have been working on a post about salsas by Rick Bayless.  Unfortunately, this morning as I was about to post, I hit the wrong key and deleted all my work :(  So instead, I thought I would do a little reblogging on things I saw today in the blogosphere.

On The Kitchn blog, there was a post about the National Pasta Association's Pasta Dictionary. I thought I would share since I am going to a friend's house for lasagna tonight.  It includes cute drawings of pasta and its definition.  Click here to visit the site.

Angel Hair Pasta - my favorite.
Illustration taken from the National Pasta Association.

Also, on Design Sponge (one of my favorite blogs), there was the most adorable miniature champagne bistro chair.  I love tiny things, and the blog even shows you how to make one for yourself.  Click here to see how.

Photo taken from Design Sponge.
I hope you enjoy it as much as me and check out both blogs if you haven't!

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