Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tips For The Farmers Market

Ummm...can you believe tomorrow's April?  I can't!  For me, April is the start of something special at the Greenmarket.  Not that apples, root vegetables, and dark greens are not delicious in the winter, but my heart sings for produce like asparagus, rhubarb, and fresh berries.  And in April and May, these are when the gems start to appear.  So I encourage everyone to make it to their farmers market and check out the goods.  Here are some tips taken from Gabrielle Langholtz from the Greenmarket, for being a savvy shopper:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heath Ceramics Coupe Cup Line

Studio Mug. All photos from Heath Ceramics.
I have been obsessing/lusting over Heath Ceramics' beautiful cups from the Coupe Line.  The Coupe Line is from Edith Heath's original collection from 1948, and Heath Ceramics has continued to produce the line ever since.  If haven't heard of Heath Ceramics, please check out their website.  They have the most beautiful ceramic dishes.  My best friend actually has a complete set - so jealous!  Click here to learn more about their story.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Best Thing I Had In My Mouth - Delicious Fresh Pierogies

Deep sigh.  I am still mourning KU's loss this morning, but trying to look on the bright side - I had a pretty delicious lunch while watching the game.  My friend picked up Delicious Fresh Pierogies (yes, they are really called that) from Fairway, and I boiled and fried them in less than ten minutes.  And they were delicious, soft, and flavorful.  We got the potato and cheese variety, but there are so many more.  Click here to check out their other options.  It looks like there are several grocery stores you can buy them at on the East coast.

Click here to learn how to make Miso Soup from scratch.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bad Horse Pizza - Opening Soon

For the past couple months, I have been anxiously anticipating the opening of Bad Horse Pizza, a joint opening up right next door of my apartment in Harlem.  Last weekend I saw some workers/owners place the Bad Horse Pizza logos outside their windows, and yesterday I saw people working on a counter top and organizing chairs.  Hopefully I won't have to wait too much longer, because I am dying for a good pizza place in my neighborhood.  Dominos (read review here) just isn't cutting it for me anymore (although I am not going to pass it up after a late night out).  After reading a couple other blogs, there seems to be debate over the name Bad Horse (people hate it), but I am going to save my judgement for the pizza, and besides I kind of like the name.  If Bad Horse is as cool as Patches (play video above), then I think they are on their way to something amazing.  Click here to preview their menu.

Click here to read some food-related book suggestions.

Click here for a jumbo raisin oatmeal cookie recipe.

Oh, and Rock Chalk!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Banana Split Upgrade

I went to Co. a couple weeks ago and got their banana split for dessert.  Although, this split was definitely not my favorite (I prefer ice cream over gelato any day), they added loads of toasted hazelnuts. Replacing your typical chopped peanuts for hazelnuts might be more expensive, but it gave the split a more refined a special feel.  Try it at home!

To read more about Co. and their awesome pizza, click here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peppermint Buttons

While perusing Bonnie Tsang's beautiful blog (I just love her photographs), I came across these chocolate buttons made by Andie's Specialty Sweets on Etsy.  I couldn't help but go directly to the shop and check all the amazing and lovely cake decorations Andie makes!  I just love the peppermint buttons!  The colors are perfect for spring and I can't believe they are edible.  Time to start making some cupcakes!  Click here to check out the shop.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Best Thing I Had In My Mouth - Garrett Almond Caramel Popcorn

Sorry I have been a bit absent, but I have been so busy doing really boring work stuff.  Luckily I was sent a padded envelope bursting at the seams with Garrett Almond Caramel Popcorn from my mom.  My parents had recently visited Chicago and were sweet to send me a whole bunch.  This stuff is addictive - for real.  Super buttery and sweet, with a crunch of pristine almonds and ultra-puffy kernels.  I can't get enough, but at the same time can't wait for me to finish it so I can forget about it and do a major sugar detox!  Unfortunately, I found out there is a Garrett Popcorn in New York, near Penn Station.  The addiction just may continue.

I probably won't be around for the rest of the week, so here are a few recipes I made in March the past 2 years:

Click here for a simpler homemade vegetable broth - so so good.

Click here for a coffee ice cream recipe.

Click here for a delicious soft pretzel recipe.

Or if you are in New York, check out Big Nick's.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Golden Burrito

Most people that know me, know that I have a serious addiction/obsession/commitment to Chipotle Mexican Grill.  I get it every Monday evening - burrito with rice, black beans, hot sauce, cheese, and lettuce, and then I top it with Tabasco Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce.  It is something I live for on a Monday.  I have an outfit dedicated to it - a Chipotle x-large t-shirt and American Apparel gray sweat pants (for breathing room).  If I get invited to do something on a Monday night that will change my Chipotle plans, I seriously contemplate whether it is worth it, or how I can incorporate into the event.  For instance, Valentine's Day one year, I went to a New York City Ballet show, had my friend pick up the burritos before hand, and then we warmed them back up in the oven when we got home.  A perfect way to end the night.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Smokey, Spicy & Tangy Hot Salsa

A couple weekends ago I made some delicious hot salsa from Rick Bayless' Mexican Everday.  It was a cinch to make and I ended up using it on everything - quesadillas, scrambled egg tacos, and of course chips.  I love the smokiness of dry roasting the ingredients, the tanginess of the tomatillos, the spiciness of ├írbol chiles.  You can find the chiles at Fairway, Whole Foods, or a Mexican grocery store.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Best Thing I Had My Mouth - Mieli Thun Honey

I was in for a special treat when my friend brought me eight small jars of Mieli Thun Honey from Eataly.  If you live in New York and haven't stopped by this mecca of all foods Italian yet, you should.  It is crowded, and definitely an overload of the senses, but an experience you must do once (I have done it multiple times since it is right by my office - I don't know if it is ever NOT crowded).  Anyways, back to the Italian honey.  I thought I would just open one jar for a small taste, but I soon found myself eenie meenie minie moing each jar until there were none left to try.  Eight open jars, three crumby knifes, and a few sticky fingers later, my favorite ended up being the eucalyptus honey.  It was rich, intense, and caramely.  French honeysuckle honey was a close second!  To learn more about Mieli Thun Honey, click here.
Sorry I haven't been sharing any recipes, but I promise a hot salsa is coming soon!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Clever and Pretty

Photos from Finnish Design Shop.
I love this clever Kupu Coffee Scoop and Bag Closer, which I saw on Design For Mankind.  So stylish and functional.  You can purchase here for $26.
Aren't these edible metallic flakes so pretty?  You can purchase them here on Bellocq Tea Atelier.

To read about Tea Box, which sadly closed this past year, click here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Awful For You Oatmeal

A friend sent me this article by Mark Bittman from The New York Times about McDonald's oatmeal.  One highlight includes the fact that McDonald's oatmeal is only 10 calories less than their cheeseburger.  Way to go McDonald's.  Click here to read the entire article about how McDonald's ruined perfectly nutritious oatmeal.

Click here for my snickerdoodle recipe.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Milk Toof

Ickle and Lardee enjoying a Sweet Treat, from My Milk Toof.

Just woke up and saw this blog called My Milk Toof on my friend's Facebook.  It is a hilarious blog about two teeth named Ickle and Lardee (made out of polymer clay by Inhae Renee Lee).  The stories are too cute and funny.  You must click here and check out all the adventures these two teef go on!  For real!