Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dominos Pizza - Is it Really Better?

After the beer garden, we hung out on Anna and Marcus' roof, where we could admire the Manhattan skyline as we waited for Domino's pizza.  I don't know why we had decided on Domino's, but I was willing to give it a try due to the recent commercials proclaiming how horrible their pizza use to be and how it is now so much better.  I guess I could give them credit for being honest.  
A little background on my pizza past:  I lived for Pizza Hut and its greasy golden crust as both a child and teenager.  Book-It was not about books for me, it was about my personal pan that no one but me could touch.  Did I mention that Pizza Hut and I have the same birth place - Wichita, Kansas?  I can still taste the crispy, slightly burnt pepperonis in my mouth, or the taco (no meat please) pizza I would order with my mom.  At my grandparent's place we would order Godfather's.  I don't know why they preferred Godfather's over Pizza Hut, but I did quite enjoy their dessert streusel pizza.  As I got older Papa John's came in my life and quickly exited, as I found their pizza too "gourmet."  Garlic dipping sauce, pepperocinis - really?  Not needed.  As I got older I would sometimes stop at Little Cesars with friends for their five dollar large pizzas, but I rarely had Domino's.  To me Domino's was the loser of the pizzas.  After moving to New York, I have been inundated with pizza, unfortunately I have yet to find a good place to order in Harlem.  So I took this opportunity not only as a little party, but also as a research project.  

We ordered both regular crust and thin crust pizza.  Delivery was very fast - they said twenty minutes, but came in fifteen.  In fact we saw the delivery guy park from the roof.  
The verdict:
The regular crust pizza was nothing to go on about.  The cheese and sauce were the same you could get at any generic pizza place.  I will give it to them for their garlic/parmesan powder coated crust.  If you've had Pizza Hut breadsticks, then you will be familiar with the texture and flavor.  I found myself eating a slice just to have the crust.  Although the crust was good, I would have to take points away for the actual pizza, plus the fact they obviously stole Pizza Hut's bread stick topping recipe.
Now for the thin crust pizza - it was actually pretty delicious.  I don't if it was because I was hungry or the regular crust pizza was a disappointment, but this slice really shined.  First off, the pizza was nice and crisp - like a good thin crust should be.  The pizza had a good cheese to sauce ratio - it was heavier on the sauce which I appreciate.  The pie was also cut into squares, which not only allowed for a fancier presentation, but probably also allowed for the thin crust to support its toppings without flopping.  
I would definitely suggest skipping the Domino's regular crust, and going for the classic thin cheese.  And thankfully they also deliver to my place in Harlem.
Today is the start of my CSA and I am very excited.  If you don't know what a CSA is, then click here.

Last year around this time, I made sugar snap peas and asparagus pasta and rhubarb crisp.

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