Monday, June 7, 2010

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

Things are finally starting to settle down again, and hopefully I can get back to posting more frequently.  On Memorial Day weekend, my friends Anna and Marcus were so sweet to wake up early on a Saturday and hop over to Harlem, and carry loads and loads of boxes up loads and loads of stairs (5 flights to be exact AND that isn't counting the stairs from the other apartments).  Thanks to Marcus' crazy brute strength, we completed the task in 5 hours and ended the afternoon with tacos and beers.
The next day we decided to venture out to their neighborhood in Astoria, Queens.  We met up at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Gardens, my absolute favorite spot to hang out on a gorgeous day and throw back a few Czech beers.  The garden is really just a large gravel lined backyard with long picnic tables filling the space.  On the perimeters are spots to purchase food and beer, and there is a center section for bands to play and people to dance.  The inside is lined with booths and is quite small compared to the outside.  There is also a basement with wood panel walls and tables, which is great when it is a little colder.

Besides having some great Czech beers, such as Krusovice Light which I enjoyed while in Glasgow, they have the typical bar food and some more traditional Czech dishes.  Both potato and mushroom filled perogies are options, as well as klobasa.  To check out the rest of their menu - click here.  We devoured the french fries which have a touch of chili seasoning and the beer battered onion rings, and my friend couldn't resist the klobasa.
We were lucky enough to come during the Czech festival, so the garden was packed and will got to enjoy some traditional music and watch some very drunk people dance.
Overall, the Beer Garden is a great, unpretentious spot to hang out with friends, get a sun tan, and watch a bit of soccer.  I cannot wait to be hanging there more often when the World Cup starts.  For other events at the beer garden, click here.

Last year around this time I made rhubarb bread, click on the link to check it out.

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