Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Golden Burrito

Most people that know me, know that I have a serious addiction/obsession/commitment to Chipotle Mexican Grill.  I get it every Monday evening - burrito with rice, black beans, hot sauce, cheese, and lettuce, and then I top it with Tabasco Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce.  It is something I live for on a Monday.  I have an outfit dedicated to it - a Chipotle x-large t-shirt and American Apparel gray sweat pants (for breathing room).  If I get invited to do something on a Monday night that will change my Chipotle plans, I seriously contemplate whether it is worth it, or how I can incorporate into the event.  For instance, Valentine's Day one year, I went to a New York City Ballet show, had my friend pick up the burritos before hand, and then we warmed them back up in the oven when we got home.  A perfect way to end the night.

So to my surprise on Monday, I watched in delight as my burrito was wrapped in gold foil.  Why gold foil?  I went home to investigate and found Chipotle's press release, describing how they're celebrating their 18th anniversary for focusing on high quality ingredients.  What better way to celebrate than by wrapping their burritos in something as fancy as gold?  And how trendy of them - retro 70s feel is very Spring 2012.  If you ever go to Chipotle (which I hope you do), you might have noticed their bags and cups describing their Food with Integrity initiative.  I could blather on for another good two pages about how much I love Chipotle, and how I really respect their commitment to working with farmers who raise their animals humanely, and how 35% of their cows are pasture-raised, but I encourage you to read more about it here.  Chipotle will be wrapping their burritos in gold foil for 4 months total - go out and celebrate with them!

To read their press release, click here.

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  1. Sounds really good and makes me hungry. I will have to get a burrito while they are being wrapped in gold. :)