Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Best Thing I Had My Mouth - Mieli Thun Honey

I was in for a special treat when my friend brought me eight small jars of Mieli Thun Honey from Eataly.  If you live in New York and haven't stopped by this mecca of all foods Italian yet, you should.  It is crowded, and definitely an overload of the senses, but an experience you must do once (I have done it multiple times since it is right by my office - I don't know if it is ever NOT crowded).  Anyways, back to the Italian honey.  I thought I would just open one jar for a small taste, but I soon found myself eenie meenie minie moing each jar until there were none left to try.  Eight open jars, three crumby knifes, and a few sticky fingers later, my favorite ended up being the eucalyptus honey.  It was rich, intense, and caramely.  French honeysuckle honey was a close second!  To learn more about Mieli Thun Honey, click here.
Sorry I haven't been sharing any recipes, but I promise a hot salsa is coming soon!

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