Sunday, April 18, 2010

Borough Market

While in London a couple weeks ago, a made a visit to Borough Market.  Borough Market is a large venue found under the railway viaducts of Borough High Street, filled with fruits, vegetables, meats, baked goods, as well as plenty of other delicious treats.  It is open Thursday through Saturday, but I happened to go on the very busy Saturday.  I thought the Green Market in NYC was crazy on a Saturday, but Borough Market took it to a whole new level.  
The streets were filled shoulder to shoulder with people, sampling cheeses, cider, and fresh pasta.  I was sad to say that I was too late to snack on any vegetable empanadas or falafel, so I had to settle on mediocre winter vegetable soup.  
Still my friend had a Cumberland sausage sandwich from Baxter's Cafe.  We wandered, or should I say we were pushed around the various vendors, and were truly amazed by the amount of different food.  Every vendor I came across was extremely friendly and happy to share a sample.  I loved the fresh mushroom ravioli that was sauteed in butter right in front of me from La Tua Pasta.  I sampled some chocolates from Dark Sugars, which were good, but not great.  And then we got some cider, which isn't worth talking about, but they did have clear cups made out of corn.  I am all for the bio-degradable products, but these cups were seriously flimsy.  Every time I grabbed my cup, I was afraid I was going to squeeze it too hard and the cider would gush out.  
We ended up grabbing a table and watching the market slow down into the late afternoon.  Overall, not all the food we tried was wonderful, but I was just so glad to go and see something that New York City really needs.  That is why I am so excited for the New Amsterdam Market to open up in June.

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