Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh Joe Ades How I will Miss You!

Today I read on The Kitchn blog that a Greenmarket staple Mr. Joe Ades passed away on Sunday (click here to read their post). Truly, one of the highlights of going to the market Saturday mornings was Joe. Envision an elderly man in a cream suit with a container of vegetable peelers and bunch of carrots seated on the corner of E. 16th St, broadcasting to anyone who would listen about the one-of-a-kind Star Vegetable Peeler. The first time I noticed him I thought he was a little off his rocker, so I passed him by and went straight to the apples. The second weekend he was there again and this time I paused to listen to him. I was so convinced by his passion for the Star Vegetable peeler that I bought two - one for me and one for a friend ($5 a piece or $20 for 5). Joe swore that this peeler could do more than any other. He wasn't lying, the vegetable peeler was magical. It was so magical that a house guest stole it from my apartment. For the last couple months I having been pining away for a new one, and have been meaning to go back to Union Square to get a replacement; I have just been waiting for the weather to be a little nicer. Sadly, I will have to order a new one online, but clicking a mouse just won't be the same. So to Joe - thanks for making the Greenmarket a little more special, I will miss you :(

Note: Watch Joe Ades in action in this video.

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