Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swedish Delicacies

Sometimes I wonder if I go to Ikea for its cheap designer furniture and accessories, or for its delicious dollar treats. I think it is a little of both. I took the Ikea bus from Port Authority to Elizabeth, New Jersey on Sunday morning. Since the Ikea in Red Hook opened, the NJ Ikea has been so pleasant and manageable. I use to have to go in a with a game plan - a war strategy, now I wander leisurely (somewhat) throughout the mega store picking up things I never thought I needed until now. I can't resist bendy-straws, melamine trays, etc., etc. At the end of your journey, passed the check-out the Swedish Food Market & Bistro beckons you in. How can one pass up a $1 hotdog, cinnamon roll, or frozen yogurt? I can't. So on Sunday I got my usual frozen yogurt cone and two cinnamon rolls (I saved one for later - so don't judge).

The frozen yogurt is sweet and has a smooth texture - think Dairy Queen soft serve, but it is yogurt. The cone is as unpretentious and simple as the yogurt - just a cardboard-tasting container - which is fine because I am eating it for the yogurt. I don't need something else competing for my attention. Although, I love Pinkberry's tangy yogurt, Ikea's yogurt is what I think I prefer.
As for the cinnamon rolls, to me they are good, but not great. I appreciate a cinnamon roll that has some carmelization and a bit of bite on the edges. Ikea's cinnamon roll is perfectly fluffy and doughy throughout - there is no real variation between the outside and inside. But it is filled with plently of cinnamon and then drizzled with sweet icing.
Whenever I hear that someone went to Ikea, I instantly ask if they got the yogurt. I know I look disappointed when I hear that they didn't. So on your next stop in, don't forget about the dollar treat.

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