Thursday, September 24, 2009

BluePrint Cleanse

So for over a year I have been dreaming of doing a juice cleanse through NYC's BluePrint Cleanse, created by raw food enthusiast Zoe Sakoutis and foodie Erica Huss. Unfortunately, the cleanse is definitely not in my budget. For a NYC delivery it is $75 for a one-day cleanse or $65 a day for a 3-5 day cleanse. Fortunately, I convinced my boss to be my guinea pig and she tried a three day cleanse and ended up really enjoying. And then as luck would have it, BluePrint Cleanse accidentally delivered her another batch for a three day cleanse a few months later. After much confusion with the company, my boss ended up giving me a day's worth. I was pumped. I had spent the last week stuffing my face with mediocre cookies and sandwiches from work, a cleanse was much needed - even if it was only going to be a one-day cleanse.

BluePrint Cleanse has a very helpful website which explains which cleanse level you should do (whether you are a rookie or a master). I would elaborate more, but you should just check out their website to get the best explanation. I will tell you that the cleanses are delivered to your door the day before you want to start your cleanse in a cooler tote bag. There are 6 juices per day labeled simply by numbers as well as ingredients within each bottle.
On a side note, I do not fair well with not eating. I love to munch like a squirrel throughout the day, and the last time I tried a cleanse (the Master Cleanse to be exact) I failed within 5 hours. I was caught red-handed by my bff (who was also doing the Master Cleanse) eating a bowl of rice.

Here are my thoughts on the One-Day BluePrint Cleanse:

*A side note: You should drink a 12 ounce glass of water in between juices and you are welcome to drink as much herbal tea as you like. Also, you should keep at least an hour in between juices and have your last juice at least 2 hours before you plan on going to sleep.

7:30 am - Started off with a warm glass of filtered water to get my stomach in motion. Okay, I used tap water - whatevs. You can also add lemon to the water if you fancy it.

9:00 am - Bottle 1-Green Juice. Juice of romaine, celery, green apple, spinach, kale, parsley, and lemon. First off you are suppose to "chew" the juice to activate enzymes that aid in digestive, so it is a bit weird. The first sip I took wasn't very pleasant. I have never been a fan of kale, I prefer to hide it in a quesadilla than eat it on its own. I thought I could get use to the flavors, but the best option was just to swallow my sips as quickly as possible. So I stopped fake chewing on this bottle. I don't want to scare people off, my boss loved this juice, it just wasn't for me.

11:00 am - Bottle 2. Juice of pineapple, apple, and mint. Okay, this was so delicious I had to control myself from drinking it all within 10 minutes. In fact, I could barely stop drinking it to take a picture. The juice combo was light, sweet and refreshing with the hint of mint at the end. My office mate made the good point of what a great cocktail the flavors would make if you just added vodka. Oh wait this is a cleanse!

2:00 pm - Bottle 3-Green Juice. Juice of romaine, celery, green apple, spinach, kale, parsley, and lemon (same as Bottle 1). So I pump myself up to drink this one again. Still, no luck. In fact, it became harder and the slower I drank the juice, the warmer and more disgusting it got to me. But I finished it!

*Coworkers decided to open champagne to celebrate a successful market. I got to sit and stare and drink my juice :( Okay, okay I had one sip - but that was it!

5:30 pm - Bottle 4-Spicy Lemonade. Juice of lemon, agave nectar, and cayenne pepper. good. If this was what my Master Cleanse concoction tasted like then I probably would have lasted longer. I gulped this down because I felt behind schedule.

7:00 pm - Bottle 5-Green Juice. Juice of romaine, celery, green apple, spinach, kale, parsley, and lemon. Okay, I thought I was on the Renovation Cleanse, so I was expecting carrot, apple, lemon, beet, ginger juice. My dreams were crushed when I realized I was actually on the Foundation Cleanse and had to drink the green juice yet AGAIN. I took a few more swigs and then was tempted by the smell of hash browns sizzling in my friend's apartment. Breakfast for dinner - my biggest weakness - ok Mexican actually is. I took one bite of the hash - just to try and then I quit my cleanse. I couldn't take the green stuff - I was doomed from the beginning.

8:00 pm - Bottle 6-Cashew Nut Milk. Cashew nut milk, vanilla, and cinnamon. So I opened this one just to try, my boss said it was a delicious dessert. I think people who go on cleanses can sometimes become delusional. This tasted like sweet chalky milk with cinnamon. I am not a fan with white foods or liquids in general, so I was against it from the start.

9:00 pm - Can 1-Lays Stacks. Original Flavor - stacks of thin potato, salt, and other stuff. Absolutely delicious. I didn't eat all of them - so don't judge. The perfect way to end a cleanse.

Overall, I truly was not hungry one bit and I didn't feel weak at all like the Master Cleanse. Yes, there were things tempting me, and if I hadn't hated the taste of the green juice so much then I probably could have made it through to the end.

Go to BluePrint Cleanse to check it out for yourself, they deliver across the country.

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  1. Glad I found your blog. I'm on day 22 of my 30-40 day juice cleanse. I've done a few 30 day master cleanse in the past too and like the juice cleanse better. I love to keep focused and read what others have to say about cleansing!!
    Thank you...