Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Best Thing I Had In My Mouth - The Meatball Shop's Vegetarian Meatballs

Have you ever been to The Meatball Shop?  If you live in New York and haven't, you must go.  The Meatball Shop is just that, a meatball shop.  Fortunately the vegetarian is not left out this time though.

The menus are laminated and China markers are on every table, so you can check exactly what you want.  Beef, chicken, pork, or vegetarian meatballs, with marinara, spicy meat sauce, etcetera, etcetera, the list goes on.  I got the vegetarian meatballs with marinara.  The vegetarian balls are filled with mushrooms and crunchy green lentils, for a great texture.  These were definitely the best thing I had in my mouth this weekend.  Click here to check out their menu.  A tip: If you decide to go to The Meatball Shop, go early, or be prepared to have a long wait, especially if you have more than 2 people.

Click here for this delicious Strawberry-Rhubarb Syrup recipe.  It is so good on ice cream!

Remember Scanwiches?  Click here to check them out.

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