Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garlic Scape Pesto

When it comes to pesto, I have made a couple varieties depending on what I have had on hand. Since I had gotten a few garlic scapes and a bunch of basil from my CSA, I thought this could be the perfect combination.

Traditionally, pesto is a mixture of basil, olive oil, pine nuts, garlic, and parmesan cheese. But you can do a lot of substituting. For example, I made mine with walnuts and garlic scapes instead. I feel the thing about pesto is that nothing has to be an exact measurement. Make it how you like it, whether you want to add more cheese or nuts, or less garlic, etc. That said, I just kind of put it together and tasted it as I went along, so feel free to improvise.

Here are the ingredients for my garlic scape pesto:
-1 cup basil leaves, packed
-2 garlic scapes, cut into 3 inch pieces
-1/4 cups walnuts
-1/4 or more of olive oil
-1/4 cup parmesan cheese, finely shredded
-salt and pepper to taste

To begin, chop garlic scapes into 3 inch pieces.
Place basil leaves, scapes, walnuts and 1/2 teaspoon of salt into food processor and pulse until combined.
Slowly add oil and process until smooth.
Transfer mixture into small bowl and mix in shredded parmesan. Season with salt and cracked pepper.
Use immediately on pasta, pizza, or bread. Or place covered in plastic wrap in the refrigerator up to a few days. You could even freeze it. Click here to learn how.

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  1. As usual you taught me something new, I had never heard of garlic scapes. They looked interesting.