Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How To Cut A Pomegranate

I remember the first time I tried to remove all the seeds from a pomegranate.  My clean white shirt was spotted with dark red specs all over it.  Today, I actually know how to cut a pomegranate without all the mess, and it is just in three steps.  When purchasing a pomegranate, look for glossy skin, make sure it does not look withered.  Pick the pomegranate up, it should feel full and heavy, that is sign of a juicy pomegranate.

First, quarter the pomegranate.
Second, take a large bowl of water and submerge each quarter in the water.  Use your fingers to separate the arils from pulp.  This a bit time consuming, but well worth it.  Repeat with the remaining three quarters.
Thirdly, pour your water and seed mixture through a sieve, and pick out any bad looking seeds, or pulp you missed.
Now you are ready to enjoy as is, or pop into a recipe.  Nature's candy - yum yum :)

Check out this Aztec Hot Chocolate Ice Cream I made last year.  It is to die for.

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