Friday, April 10, 2009

Bequet Caramels

Last summer I was perusing through a Martha Stewart Living article (August 2008) about things made in America. The article was dedicated to handmade crafts, candies, and antiques. Montana's Bequet Confections was mentioned as having the best caramels around. According to Martha, they were enhanced with unusual gourmet flavors.

The next day I got on the Bequet Confections website and ordered myself an 8 ounce bag variety pack of caramels so I could experience them all. They have ten varieties ranging from black licorice to pomegranate, but my top four favorites (it is really hard to choose) were the Celtic sea salt caramel, espresso caramel, chipotle caramel, and the ultimate salt-chocolate caramel. I just love the salty-sweet combination. You can order any flavors you want, which is so nice after you figure out your favorites. When my bag arrived I savored every caramel like they were small treasures for my mouth. Each caramel was surprisingly soft and melt-in-your-mouth. They all were rich and well-flavored.

Bequet Confections was started by Robin Bequet after working in technology sales management for 25 years. She had always been making caramels for friends, and after she lost her job in 2001 she began to seriously consider candy making as a business endeavour. In December 2001, Bequet Confections became a reality and today is an award-winning caramel company. In a blind test taste 17 out of 18 people prefer Bequet's caramels compared to other gourmet caramels.

My mom gave me a large bag of Bequet's caramels (with my four favorite varieties) for Christmas. I just finished the last one this week. To spread this small quantity out for three and a half months takes restraint. To try these caramels click here, you won't be disappointed - promise!

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