Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recycle Your Brown Bag and Use a Lunch Box

I have been bringing my lunch to work for as long as I can remember, but I have never owned a real lunch box. I would reuse plastic bags, Ikea containers, mason jars, as well as wrap treats in foil or plastic wrap. Besides having such a mismatch array of container options, worrying about whether something was going to leak in my purse, and the guilt of throwing away foil and plastic into the trash, I decided I desperately needed a lunch box. Recently, I got a Vivo Bento Box for my birthday.

So far I am feeling pretty good about myself every time I carry it around, although I feel a bit like a kid. The lunch box is comprised of 3 levels made of melamine (both microwave and dishwasher safe). The top container is smaller and is divided into compartments, which is perfect for snacks and condiments. This lunch box is great for salads. I love to put the greens on the bottom level and the toppings in the smaller compartments and maybe some bread in the middle; that way nothing gets soggy.
Click here to get one for yourself. Happy Earth Day!


  1. ahh. that is so fragging cute!

  2. I just ordered my own Vivo Bento Box. Thanks for the suggestion!