Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crackle-Dyed Eggs

For Easter this year I decided to do a more non-traditional dyed egg. I still used the Paas Egg Dye kit, but instead of dyeing the eggs in their perfect non-cracked form, I gently cracked the eggs before dyeing them. I also left out the vinegar (which gives the eggs a more vibrant color) so that I wouldn't end up slightly pickling the egg.

With your cool hard boiled eggs, gently tap the egg to crack the shell and then roll on a towel to create small cracks throughout the egg. Be careful not to crack the shell too much so that your entire interior of the egg doesn't become colored.
Place your eggs into the colored water and put in the refrigerator over night. Since there is no vinegar, it will take longer for the color to adhere.
The next morning, peel your eggs to unveil your masterpieces. I also dyed some eggs traditionally in case I was disappointed in these crackled eggs. Here are my results:
Note: Because the shell is already cracked, these eggs will probably perish quicker than normal dyed eggs.