Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Matter of Loaf or Death

Last night I went to the IFC Center to catch the 2010 Academy Award-Nominated Animated Short Films.  I love animation, and I was so happy that I could have the chance to see these films!  I am only mentioning this on the blog because one of my favorite films was Wallace and Gromit - A Matter of Loaf or Death, in which Gromit tries to solve the murder mystery case of a serial killer offing the local bakers.  The story was pretty hilarious and it was so fun to see loaves of bread made out of clay.  If you have a chance, you should check it out.  If you are in New York, you still have today to stop by the IFC Center and watch the short films.  Click here for times.

I also loved Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty (click here to watch - so so funny) and Partly Cloudy (which is not actually nominated for an Oscar, but was so sweet and endearing).

And you if you want a special treat for the Oscars tonight, make these snickerdoodles.

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