Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Best Thing I Had In My Mouth - Marcus Samuelsson's Cured Salmon

Chef Marcus Samuelsson (red arrow).  Photo taken by Anna.  Thanks Anna :)
So I am starting a new series about the best thing I had in my mouth each week.  I have caught myself saying the phase quite a bit these last few weeks, and as each week passes I am always finding something new to rave about.  I am a little backlogged, so I thought I would begin from a couple weeks ago, at NYC's Fashion's Night Out.

My fashionista friend Anna led the way through the city, and even sweetly thought about special events that I would be interested in, such as seeing Marcus Samuelsson at Macy's.  He was hosting a little cocktail hour and chatting with guests about how to host the perfect party.  It was pretty crowded, and when you combine that with free food and drink, it can get a little pushy - okay, a lot pushy.  You would have thought people hadn't eaten for days, and poor Anna was like a ball in a pinball machine.  We did finally get the most delicious amuse bouche - a piece of cured salmon with some fresh herbs on top of a thin corn biscuit (really not too sure on the bread part), accompanied by an Uptown Girl cocktail (click here for the recipe).  And that my friends, was the best thing I had in my mouth the whole evening.  And there was some tough competition: Joe's Pizza, the Waffles & Dinges Food Truck, and the "Is there really alcohol in this?" Arnold Palmers at Carolina Herrera.  And the answer is: yes there is.  Who knew there was ice tea flavored vodka?
Waffles & Dinges.  Photos above by Anna.
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