Monday, August 15, 2011

The Best Thing I Had In My Mouth - WheatFields Kalamata Olive Bread

My friend visited Kansas last week and brought home three mini loaves of WheatFields Kalamata Olive Bread.  If you are near Lawrence, Kansas, you have to make a stop at WheatFields, one of the best bakeries in the country.  Seriously, I am still searching for an equivalent in New York and cannot find one.  And you can find anything in New York!  They have great bread, a wonderful breakfast, and the best chocolate et chocolate cookies.  This toasted Kalamata Olive bread with scrambled eggs was the best thing in my mouth all week.  Hands down.  This sourdough bread is filled with whole olives, so you really get a couple of olives in every slice, instead of whimpy, tiny pieces of olives I have found in other olive bread.  No competition!

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  1. one of the best? i'd say best! (i'd even go as far as to say its my favorite restaurant, period, end of sentence)