Monday, January 31, 2011

The Best Thing I Had In My Mouth - Harney & Sons Paris Tea

Maybe I haven't eaten very many delicious treats this last week, or maybe Harney & Sons Paris Tea is really just that good.  On a cold, snowy day, I made myself a cup while working at home.  It truly is my favorite black tea, although some of the Kusmi Teas come in a pretty close second.  I first tried this tea over a year ago at this adorable bed and breakfast in Atchison, Kansas called the Glick Mansion.  If you are ever in Atchison, I would highly recommend this place.  It is so old fashioned and quaint, and the innkeeper Chris is just the sweetest.  She also makes a delicious blueberry pastry :)  I wish I had taken more pictures of the place to share.
Back to the tea - Paris tea is a smooth, strong black tea, but has hints of vanilla, and a slightly fruity flavor.  It's one of those teas you really want to sit and enjoy it while you sip it.  The best part about Harney & Sons is they now have a store in Soho (click here to check out their Soho blog).  I stumbled upon it in December.  They have a wide variety of packaged teas as well as all of their best sellers in loose leaf form.  If you don't live in New York, don't worry, they have an extensive website.  The sad thing is, I just keep getting Paris, because it is so good.  I might have to start branching out though ;)
Photo from the Harney & Sons website.  I love their tins - so pretty.
Last year, I made this awesome Hearty Winter Vegetable Soup with Popovers.  Seriously, it is soooo good.  Or click here for my 99 Miles to Philly review.


  1. So glad you enjoy our tea! If you're looking for something else to try we really recommend Boston!

    When you get a chance to swing in to the shop, just give me a heads up (Emeric Harney), we can do a tasting together!