Tuesday, January 4, 2011

French Fries and Pizza

I went back home for the holidays.  Here are some food photos - there is quite the pattern - french fries and pizza!
French Fries in a mini shopping cart - how cute!  My dear friend took me to Blanc Burgers + Bottles on the Plaza for the first time.  What a treat!  The french fries were awesome, they had a long long list of beers and a delicious portobello burger.
Waldo Pizza - pine nuts, red bell pepper, and spinach.  Delicious, but crust could have been crunchier.
Waldo Pizza - Boulevard Beer flight.  4 for $5 - whoa!
Bye-bye beer.
McDonald's French fries from Bethany, MO.  Eaten in the car of course.
My mom's rosemary and potato hash - yum.
Papa Keno's cheese pizza with green olives in Lawrence, KS.  New York has some competition.
Free State French fries with Ad Astra beer - don't forget their mustard for dipping.
Oh and the next day I tried a "new" restaurant in Lawrence called 715.  Pizza and a salad - soooo good.  If you live around there, I would definitely recommend trying it!  There is the $7.15 special, which is quite the deal :)

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