Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dumpling House

On Sunday, my friend and I ventured down to Chinatown while running errands in the city.  We wanted a "snack," so he took me to the Dumpling House.  There we had a cheap feast - $8 in fact!  Whoa!  We got eight vegetable dumplings, a vegetable steamed bun, sesame pancake, and a taro milk bubble tea.  The place is small and bustling, so we didn't even try for one of the few tables in there.  Instead we went to Sarah Roosevelt Park and ate on the one park bench that didn't have snow on it.  Although, I wished they had fried vegetable dunplings, you really can't complain for eight bones.  And did I mention how awesome the sesame pancake is?  It is like Pizza Hut's thick crust with sesame seeds on it.  Okay, that might sound gross, but it is good - I swear.  They also use the bread for sandwiches, which I am sure are amazing.  If you are in New York and want to eat cheap, go there.  It is pretty amazing to watch all the women work.  A couple rolling out dumpling dough, one manning the sesame bread and fried dumplings, another slicing it, and a couple others screaming out numbers impatiently waiting for you to give them your ticket.  All in all a Chinatown success.  The worst part of the meal was having to watch the hipsters play bike polo while we ate.  Seriously, is that game even fun?
Sesame pancake - sooo good.
Vegetable dumpling.
Steamed vegetable bun.

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