Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bad Horse Pizza Review

On Friday night, my friends and I got together for the grand opening of Bad Horse Pizza.  We followed our noses down my five flights of stairs to Bad Horse next door.  It was around 8:00 and the place was very busy, so busy that the waiter seemed annoyed/shocked that we were okay waiting for an hour for pizza.  First off, an hour wait is not that bad for New York, and second off I have been smelling their pizza all week.  I was dying to try it!  Obviously, they were not prepared for Harlem's excitement for a real pizza place.  So we decided that maybe carry out would be a better option.  So a few of us hopped over to Harlem Vintage (my favorite wine shop in Harlem) and got a few bottles of wine, and hung out upstairs at my place.  Well over an hour later and a couple of us went down to check on the pizza situation.  There was a table available at this point, so we all went down to eat.

Acropolis Pizza.
Inside the restaurant, the lights were low, with a casual vibe, and some sleek farmhouse accents.  Free Peroni was served to all of us since it was opening night, and the beers kept coming until they ran out (it was towards the end of the night - we didn't drink that much).  So for the pizza, we got the Acropolis, Secaucus, Rio Grande, and cheese.  And what did we think?  Hands down, the Acropolis pizza was most people's favorite.  The salty, tangy, and fresh combination of the olives, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, and basil, was delicious.  Overall, the crusts were crisp on the outside, but rather floppy in the middle.  Honestly, I think they were rushing our order because we had been waiting so long.  It was their first night, and the flavors were spot on, so I will definitely be going back.  I think with a little tweaking on the crust, an actual host/hostess, and a better wait time for the pizza, this place will be a real treat for Harlem.

On a side note, let me tell you how torturous it is the walk up to my apartment with the scent of their pizza in the hallway.  The smell even creeps through my door on the 5th floor, I don't even want to know how strong the aroma will be with my windows open.  Thankfully, my roommate puts his foot down every time I suggest pizza, which is now every night.

Bad Horse Pizza does do pick up and delivery in the neighborhood, and they should be getting their liquor license in a month or so.  Oh, and the owner is really nice :)  Definitely check it out.
Secaucus Pizza.
Rio Grande Pizza.

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