Thursday, April 28, 2011

BluePrint Cleanse Review - Day 2

I am not going to go into an hour by hour play-by-play like I did yesterday, but I will talk about some "highlights" or "moments" of my second day of the BluePrint Cleanse.

I went to sleep thinking - you only have two days, you are a third of the way done - no problem.  But I didn't sleep well, it was unusually warmer and I tossed and turned all night.  The next morning, I started off again with hot lemon water, but I eyed my Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds cereal (I have to have the almond kind), and scowled at it for tempting me.  That cereal is crack cereal for real.  I downed my Green Juice, which always tastes the worst in the morning to me.  I sometimes wonder if the ingredients are slightly different depending on the numbers, but I can't tell.

I arrived at work, and did notice that the two flights of stairs I walk up seemed a little bit harder than usual. I could tell I felt a little bit weaker.  But then the P.A.M. juice came and I was all good.  Seriously, I am making this drink after I get off the cleanse.  A perfect summer time treat.  The rest of the work day went fine.  I even made it down to the Greenmarket in Union Square, and picked up some asparagus, mushrooms, and buckwheat honey from Andrew's Taste Bud Bursting Local Honey.  A guy working at the booth offered me a sample, and I painfully declined, but still bought the honey.  I will have to wait until Friday to see if it is good.  I just have to keep reminding myself that I will get to eat again!

When I got home, I saw food all around me again.  The roommate still hasn't gotten a clue, so I might have snipped at him just a teense.  He later proceeded to eat sauted kale with garlic and red pepper flakes, grilled polenta with sauted tomatoes, and baked eggs.  SERIOUSLY?  All of a sudden I am out of the kitchen and he is making gourmet meals.  GRRRRRRRR.

The night ended fine, and I still felt energized and not hungry, but the thought of going to bed and not being able to eat anything the next day killed me.  It is the act of eating, and making, and socializing around food that I really really REALLY miss.  Hunger has really not been an issue.  And as far as my mood on the 2nd day, I would say I was slightly more irritable, but that isn't far from how I am normally.  Ha.

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