Friday, April 29, 2011

BluePrint Cleanse Review - Day 3

Ahhhhhh, so my third and final day on the BluePrint Cleanse.

I woke up and felt the best I had all week.  I had no hunger or weakness, my body just felt normal and use to the cleanse by now.

Then I got to work, and my boss was so sweet and had brought everyone tea and pastries, in honor of the Royal Wedding.  Unfortunately, it was pure torture for me.  I love croissants (see my original croissant, almond croissant, and pretzel croissant rants here).  So I had a small cup of green tea to join into the fun.  A few hours later the office decided to order pizza.  Now I was really annoyed, since when do we order pizza?  It happens likes 3 times a year - literally.  It just wasn't my day.
I finally got to leave work, and finished out my day at home.  I ended up making scones, which didn't feel like much of a temptation.  I finished my last juice at 9:30 and jumped up in triumph.  I fell asleep around 12:30, and I actually woke up before my alarm went off at 6:15.  I can't tell if my energy is from the juice, or just the excitement of real food entering my mouth today.  Chewing - just imagine.  But don't think I am going to go back to pizza right away.  Your first few days you come the cleanse should be filled with healthy, fruit and vegetable meals.  We will see how long that lasts, since I bought prosecco and made scones last night.

Overall, I am glad I did the BluePrint Cleanse.  BluePrint made the whole process really easy.  In NYC you can pick up your juices from various locations, making it cheaper and pretty convenient.  A 3-Day box of juice is heavy though!  Especially after 5 flights of stairs.  Do I feel really different?  It is hard to tell right now.  I do think I had more clarity, clearer eyes and skin, and just felt more comfortable.  No more stomach aches from bad food choices.  I think the real changes will be more subtle and long term, a bit of a lifestyle change.  It is so interesting what we and when we eat.  I noticed how much I would have snacked on, just to snack, and not because I was hungry.  Since I love food so much, I know that I could never fully give up all my favorite bad food, but I could see myself incorporating juice throughout my week.  It is amazing how much energy I felt from just drinking nutrients.  I guess it's not rocket science though.  A juice packed with tons of greens, blended up, allowing the smallest amount of digestion possible, allows the body to save that energy for something else.  Okay, enough of my rambling, I have pineapple waiting for me :)

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