Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Best Thing I Had In My Mouth - The Taco Truck

On Sunday, I finally made it downtown to visit the High Line - Section 2.  It was actually pretty crowded and hot, so we ended up making a bee-line for The Lot On Tap, which is an a outdoor bar surrounded by various food trucks, with picnic tables in the center.

I ended up choosing The Taco Truck for a snack, and got the Hungos Tacos for five dollars.  Two tacos came with mixed mushrooms, seasonal vegetables (like corn and lima beans), and pickled onions with lime, and a very spicy habanero sauce.  They were really, really tasty, totally hitting the spot.  And plus, the guys that worked there were nice and cute (didn't hurt either).  The Taco Truck doesn't have just tacos, but also tortas, salads, and sides, such as chips and salsa.  It was definitely one of the most popular trucks there.
My friend picked their stiff competition, which was Korilla BBQ (Korean BBQ/Mexican - say what!)  He got the pork tacos, which came with pulled pork, kimchi slaw, Monterey Jack cheese, and Korean BBQ (3 tacos for seven dollars).  The messiness of the tacos did not stop him from scarfing them down.
Besides the food, Brooklyn Brewery's new beer called the Brooklyn High Line Elevated Wheat, was the perfect summer beverage.  To learn more about the special beer (which so far you can only get there), click here.  By the end of my two tacos and beer,  I was full.  See my amazing temporary tattoos I got from my friend (below)!  They are from Tattly, and you must check them out.  Click here to do so!
Click here to read about Co., a delicious pizza spot that is also very close to the High Line.

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